“Hair was it for you?”

A funny blog post about a trip to the hairdresser, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasVisited hairdresser’s today. My visits follow this format:

Her: Have you been happy with your hair this time?

Me: Well, err… I still think it’s shorter on one side.

Her (scooping up chunks of hair): Well, it’s cut correctly.

Me: But it doesn’t look quite right.

Her: Well I could do this…. but then you’ll lose your length. Or I could do this…. but then you’ll lose your layers. Are you doing anything nice at the weekend?

Me: I know it’s not you, it’s my hair… No not particularly.

Her: Yes, it’s the way your hair kinks out at one side.

Me: Can’t you just leave that side to grow down a bit?

Her: Ooo no, it wouldn’t be cut right.

Me: But it would look right – to me.

Her: Yes but your layers wouldn’t be right.

Me: Yes but…

Her: Why don’t you grow it out into a bob?

Me: What?? No, a bob doesn’t suit me. It makes my face look thin and gaunt. Remember I told you that last time?

Her: Mmm. Shall we leave it this time then, and just trim your length?

Me (with rictus grin on face): Lovely, yes, let’s do that.

An hour later I look at the finished product. I still think it looks shorter on one side. My parting shot?

Me: That’s great thanks; see you in six weeks’ time.

2 thoughts on ““Hair was it for you?”

  1. Story of my life! It took me ages to trust one again after I was persuaded, aged 10, to get a ‘Lady Di’ cut to ‘thicken’ my hair and ended up with a lanky helmet cut than was more Dian-urghh than Dian-ahh.


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