Race from the vet!

A funny blog post about a trip to the vet, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWe have a cat we all adore. She’s cantankerous; she shouts at us a lot.

Took her to vet for annual vaccine. Never fails to amaze when she clings to the inside of the cat box and refuses to come out, even when I tip it up and down vertically.

Had vaccine no problem, then practically dived back into cat box and closed the door behind her. I paid and the countdown began. I now had a race to get home before she urinated, defecated or projectile vomited through the wire door of her box. I had all the car windows open to keep her cool, and talked to her soothingly (and somewhat frantically) all the way home.

High on elation I pulled onto the drive; she seemed to have kept all bodily fluids inside her – and then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of cat wretching, the equally unmistakable sound of cat urine hitting the newspaper and then I smelt it.

Oh yes – a full house. Thanks.

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