I have two eyes…

A funny blog post about a visit to the optician, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent to optician’s to choose frames for new glasses. There’s a huge flaw in the selection system currently in place. The frames on display are just that – display only.

I carefully picked out a few to try on, obviously removing my current glasses to do so – and what did that mean? Exactly. I couldn’t see. I could see my face, and make out that I was wearing glasses, but that’s as far as it went.

The assistant brought me a magnifying mirror – 3″× 3″. Great. I could now see one eye.

Not very helpful for working out whether or not the frames suited me. I intend to wear them on both eyes…

4 thoughts on “I have two eyes…

  1. Totally agree with this! V funny. Have you seen the size of the price tags as well? About 3mm x 3mm! I was conned into purchasing a ridiculously expensive pair of designer glasses because I misread the miniscule label and was too embarrassed to change my mind after she’d gone through the whole process on the computer. Must remember to pack a magnifying glass the next time I go…


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