Oh no! It’s sandal time again…

A funny blog post about trying to buy sandals, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent shopping for a new pair of sandals yesterday. Never an easy task.

It’s not that I’m fussy but…

Can’t do ‘completely flat’ because of knackered arches from years of ballet. Can’t do ‘barely there strappy’ because of long knobbly feet which would look more at home on a hobbit. Can’t do ‘ankle straps’ because they don’t hold my feet in place, plus my heels don’t make for pleasant viewing. Can’t do ‘sling backs’ because the sling back slings off and I end up walking out of them. Can’t do flip-flops because the toe thong tickles too much – I have a very low tickle threshold. Oh, and don’t want a pair that say ‘comfy, middle-aged’ or a pair that say ‘stripper’.

Won’t surprise you to hear that I didn’t find any.

Let me know of any of your sandal woes…

4 thoughts on “Oh no! It’s sandal time again…

  1. The worst dilemma for me is whether to reveal the cracked heels too soon in the season or seeing if I can wear nude coloured trainer socks under my sandals.


  2. I ❤ flip-flops! But you’ve got to work at wearing them. It’s a full-time commitment to build up enough hard skin between your toes to kill those tickle-nerves stone dead.


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