Does my face look good in this?

A funny blog post about buying moisturiser, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent shopping to get new night-time moisturiser. Night-time and day-time?? Won’t one pot do all? Apparently not.

My current pot is two years old and has sat in hot hotel rooms on two annual holidays. That tells you how diligently I use it, and how ineffective it has probably now become.

I’m already using a serum which is supposed to show results within four weeks. I’ve been using it for four months. I’m still waiting for the moment when I look in the mirror and discover that the old hag has been replaced by a dewy faced, glowing beauty. According to the adverts, that’s what should happen.

Pah – not in my mirror…

I scanned the shelves. It was like looking at a wrinkle-o-meter. At the top, creams for skin just starting to think about throwing in the odd wrinkle – ‘the first signs of ageing’. Next down, creams for skin becoming a bit more determined – ‘with fine lines and wrinkles’. Snapping at their heels, creams for skin starting to win the battle – ‘with deep lines and wrinkles’. Bringing up the rear, and lurking on the bottom shelf, creams for skin that hasn’t just said “hello boys” to the wrinkles, but “hello boys, come on in, put your feet up and can I get you a drink?”- ‘more mature skin’.

The issue with storing products at floor level, is how to get down to them. Are you a bender or a squatter? To squat you need good knees, not be desperate for a wee and be able to balance on your toes – while holding a pot of cream. This leaves only one free hand to steady you, when you start to fall over. To bend you need to be flexible, not wear a short skirt and be ready for your bag to swing round from your shoulder, smash itself into you and knock the pot of cream out of your hand.

Creams for us ‘mature’ ladies should be on the top shelf. Let the younger women, who still have the upper hand with their skin, take up a yoga stance to reach down to the floor level shelf. I’m sure they won’t feel dizzy and sway slightly when they stand up straight again.

Bought my cream and headed home. I’ll let you know if the dewy faced, glowing beauty makes an appearance any time soon…

16 thoughts on “Does my face look good in this?

  1. Oh it’s a minefield, isn’t it? I never know where to start. Though, if I’m honest, I probably do but just don’t want to admit that I fall into the mature skin category! #TweensTeensBeyond


  2. I once tried to skip the ‘ladder of face cream rungs’ and went straight for the bottom shelf stuff whilst still in my early 30’s. Amazingly within a few days I looked like a teenager again, as in the amount of lanolin in the facecream had blocked every single pore and broke me out in teen acne!! You can’t win! #teenstweenbeyond


  3. I was advised by a certain lady of indiscriminate age on a recent shopping trip to buy a face cream that I needed to upgrade from intense moisture to firming! It is a never ending battle but I have to confess to being a bit of a face cream addict in the vain hope that the contents of a jar will turn back time. #TweensTeensBeyond


    • The problem is we’re trying to keep up with air-brushed 50 year old celebrities made to look 30. Women should be left alone and allowed to age, without being made to feel inadequate. It boils my blood every time I open a magazine! And don’t get me started on botox, fillers and other such nonsense! Sorry, I’ve gone off on a bit of a rant there lol!! 🙂


  4. I love that you have done the handbag swing moment. I do it all the time. Not just for face creams. Had I noticed they were on a lower shelf – I’m not sure I had. This shall now be on my list of things to look out for. They should be at the top where we can see them or maybe they are further away so our age related long-sightedness can see them without bending down and having our glasses fall off too!!! #tweensteensbeyond


  5. I’ve never understood the day and night cream difference, i just slap on, when i remember, the closest pot to hand, although i do religiously apply factor 50 suncream to my face every morning even if i don’t go out #tweenteensbeyond


  6. I’m on to creams for age 60+. Thought I would start young. My daughter is only 6 but should I encourage her to start early! 😀😀 on another note I want to know why shops (M&Stake note) always put size 3 shoes on the top shelf. People who wear size 3 shoes are not usually tall. I should know – I’m only 4ft 10.5 and shrinking 😀😀😀


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