Enough of the bush!

A funny blog post about having the hedge trimmed, from MidlifeDramas in PyjamasToday the tree man came round to do us a quote. We’ve decided to get rid of a hedge of conifers from the back garden – getting tired of having to pay for a well-trimmed bush on an annual basis.

Doorbell rang and for some reason his arrival took me by surprise. I still had my pyjama top on. With the words ‘love me to the moon and back’ emblazoned across it.

Did I quickly throw on a hoodie? No. Pull on a jumper? No. Grab a coat? No. I simply stepped outside, and spent the whole time talking to him with my arms clamped firmly across my chest.

This was working fine, until I forgot what I was wearing and inadvertently used both hands to gesticulate. Hello boys! I instantly revealed two pert nipples standing to attention in the cool breeze, straining against the word ‘moon’ and helpfully pointing him towards the unruly bushes that needed his attention…

23 thoughts on “Enough of the bush!

  1. Am I to assume you boobs aren’t yet mega-saggy and erect nipples point forwards and not to some other bush that may need a prune!? 😉 Hilarious! Isn’t middle age brill – who gives a *!#+^ #tweensteensbeyond


  2. I had a similar experience recently with a new window cleaner. What made it more embarrassing was that I’d sent him a message asking him to come round and put kisses on by mistake. I’m glad I can rely on you to do similar things!!!! #tweensteensbeyond


  3. Haha love this – as a mother of two small children i’m constantly answering the door in a state of disarray! i bet you made you made their day though :o)


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