Give us a clue…

A funny blog post about a train journey, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent on the train to meet friends for a shopping day.

Sat across from a rather gorgeous young student, reading a paper on organophosphorus reactions – according to my phone that wasn’t even a word. I looked old, menopausal and read Woman’s Own. Half way through the slew of stories about ridiculous celebrities, large bottoms and botox I found a crossword. Got out a pen to have a go.

Had to give up after completing only five clues.

Intellectual student had good grace to look away, as I tried to surreptitiously fold magazine up and slide it back into my bag – while trying to look as though I was bored with such a puerile crossword, couldn’t really be bothered wasting my time on it and absolutely had NOT been struggling to do it in the slightest…

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