Acting Course Part 3 – Acting at last!

A funny blog post about the third session on an acting course, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasThis week we had to imagine finding an object that had been washed up by the sea, onto our beach from last week. Bit difficult for man in a forest and girl in a café; maybe they could find a dead squirrel and a half eaten doughnut.

I imagined a piece of weather-beaten glass – it was as exotic as I was going to get. Obviously we then had to hold it, look at it and sniff it… sniff it? Then we had to pair up and swap objects with each other, and ultimately guess our partner’s object. Absolutely. No. Chance. I guessed hers was a piece of dried cuttle fish (quite pleased with that actually), turned out to be a locket on a chain – of course it did. She guessed mine was a shell; clearly she’d   quickly deduced my ability within the imaginary object department .

Next we had to combine the two, link them and come up with a story to show their connection. Finally given something to get my teeth into I went a bit mad. My Our story involved WWI, adultery, teenage pregnancy and a bit of violence thrown in for good measure. When I explained it to the teacher she looked aghast, and told us to just concentrate on one bit. Spoilsport!

We spent rest of session rehearsing chosen snippet. Thoroughly enjoyed myself shouting at teenage daughter, wailing about the shame she’d brought upon the family and telling her she could take her bastard baby and never darken my doorstep again. With aplomb (and only a smidgen of over acting) I shoved her through my imaginary front door, slammed it shut, re-opened it and threw imaginary locket out after her. Then accidentally stood on an imaginary piece of weather-beaten glass.

Can’t wait to perform it to the class next week!

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