Is there a course for that?

A funny blog post about an encounter with a gym locker, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasGym was very frustrating today. Got all sorted – phone, water, earplugs – then shut and padlocked locker. Started to walk away and realised I hadn’t got padlock key. Where was the key? Inside the locker.

Trundled down to reception to explain my predicament. Waited 15 minutes, while the receptionist managed to get hold of the one person in the entire building who’d taken the course on How to Get Into a Padlocked Locker. Woman (Amazon) appeared with huge cutters, and reassured nervous looking receptionist that yes, she had also taken the course on Safe Handling of Huge Cutters. And had all the health and safety certificates to prove it. Did she want to see them? No she didn’t. And neither did I.

We eventually traipsed back up to my locker. The cutters were held in place, I’d been told to stand back (think she was building her part up a bit at this point) and the Amazon braced herself for the crunch. Right on cue the locker door swung open. Turns out I might have padlocked the door but I certainly hadn’t shut the door. Amazon looked at me through pitying eyes.

Ignored the temptation to say, ‘Well clearly you need to run a course on How to Use the Gym Lockers Correctly.’

Instead I watched her departing back, huge cutters swinging, head shaking and knew what she was thinking – and it wasn’t very complimentary about me…

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