An Ode to the Maxi Dress


A funny poem about the maxi dress from Midlife Dramas in pyjamasOh maxi dress, oh maxi dress
My favourite style by far.
I wear it all the time you know
In restaurant, shop and bar.

It covers all the things I’ve got
I’d rather not be seen.
I’ll give a few examples
So you’ll know just what I mean.

Pale, white legs that never brown
No matter what I do.
Veins that creep around my shins
A lovely shade of blue.

Hairs so long they’d look ok
On any man I know.
A bum that lost its pertness
And its firmness long ago.

Knees no longer pointing straight
But slipping to the side.
A muffin top and rolls of flab
Are what I’m trying to hide.

I put it on, I stand up tall
And watch it drape around.
All the things kept underneath
Are hidden safe and sound.

So thank you lovely maxi dress
For all the times you’re there.
Even when you’re out of date
It’s you I’ll always wear.

14 thoughts on “An Ode to the Maxi Dress

    • Thanks kooky! I’ve spent HOURS ‘Creating a Killer Pinterest…’ (quote expert blogger’s article) and STILL no-one comes lol! I’ve now watched a webinar (think that’s the correct term?!) and need to make my pins all long with banners ‘to make them stand out’ (quote expert blogger’s article). So I’ll be at it for several more HOURS…and still no-one will come lol!! Good job I enjoy messing around with pictures and making my page look pretty!! Do you contribute to any Linkys? I’ve started joining in with #TweensTeensBeyond Check it out x

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