Looking good girl, looking good…

A funny blog post about a film crew arriving at the gym, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasHad been at the gym 10 minutes today when a member of staff came over to tell me that a film crew would be coming in to make a promotional film clip, for You Tube . She then asked if I was ok about being in it. No I chuffing was not!

“Should I leave?” I asked desperately.

She calmed me down and said it would be fine as the camera would just pan past, plus I’d only be filmed from the back. Decided to stay. My back is not my best side, but at least no-one would know who I was. The film crew arrived and the camera did indeed pan past me.

The footage will show a middle-aged woman with luminous-white hairy legs, wearing: a pair of grey, long cotton supermarket shorts, a scruffy old green t-shirt, black socks and cheap trainers – on the treadmill, changing the TV channel, chatting to the woman next to her and texting.

Pretty sure that bit won’t make the final cut…

21 thoughts on “Looking good girl, looking good…

  1. I’m sure that is most of us in the Gym. Except me as I don’t go but if I was ………….. Reminds me of when the Towie mob were filming in a bar where we were having brunch – they weren’t taking any chances – they just asked us to leave!!!! I didn’t need any persuasion! #tweensteensbeyond


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