Deck the halls…

A funny blog post about buying Christmas decorations, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasHubby and I went out for lunch to a charming little café with a craft/gift shop attached. Ate a lovely meal then went for a poke around the shop.

Instantly spotted, and rushed over to, a display of gorgeous Christmas decorations. Much stroking, admiring and cooing ensued.  Husband quickly appeared by my side and told me – in no uncertain terms – that I DID NOT NEED any more Christmas decorations.

Red rag to a bull…

If I hadn’t been considering buying something before – I certainly was now. Found a stylish snowman (can those two words be in the same sentence?) and bought it. Told husband that he was quite correct: I don’t need more Christmas decorations; however, I do want them.

Also pointed out he was lucky I’d gone for the 10″ wooden snowman instead of the 3′ knitted one. The 4′ reindeer made out of sticks and bits of bark had also caught my eye, as had the 5′ twinkling tree AND the massive wreath of dried fruit, seed pods and red painted cinnamon sticks. If we’d had a mantelpiece the 12′ long pine cone and holly garland, covered in fake snow, would also have been making its way to the till with me!

All things considered I think he got off lightly…

2 thoughts on “Deck the halls…

  1. I made the mistake of inviting my husband to a Christmas market. I was the only idiot who did, everyone else left theirs at home. I anticipated a leisurely stroll through the stalls but no. We ran a marathon and were out of there in 20 mins. Never, ever again!


    • Oooo I love a Christmas market – with a pint of mulled wine in my hand. I usually come away with a whole load of stuff I wouldn’t have bought while sober, but that’s part of the fun! Everyone should make space in their lives for knitted, knotted and nutty objects 🙂

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