Full of Christmas Spirit!

A girls' Christmas night out with Midlife Dramas in PyjamasLast Saturday was our girls’ Christmas night out.

Spent morning laying out dress (long-sleeved to cover up flabby armpits), shoes (4″ red patent leather – I kid you not), underwear (including support tights and suck-it-all-in knickers), handbag (large enough to hold Tena lady, reading glasses and earplugs), make-up (thick enough to fill in the wrinkles) and jewellery.

Spent afternoon pacing around waiting to put it all on. Thought 3pm was probably pushing it a bit. Waited until 5pm – and even then only just managed to be ready for 7pm. God knows what I was doing for two hours. Mind, the support tights took nearly half an hour to pull on – with a break half way to mop up sweat, swear profusely and lie down from exhaustion.

After a meal in town, followed by few hours at a cabaret club, we headed for the taxi rank – happy. But, as we approached it one of our number suggested a snifter before heading home. Oh hello! What a marvellous idea! Quickly staggered towards found a bar, with most amazing internal decor – looked like an old church. Obviously wasn’t actually an old church – sure there must be laws about turning churches into dens of alcohol, dancing and hot,  eager, young men. Did I mention the hot, eager, young men?

Found a booth, sat down then quickly leapt up again. Music was incredible: 80s, 90s and recognisable current stuff – with a ‘Grease’ medley thrown in for good luck. Screamed unnecessarily loudly when a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ medley was also thrown into the mix. An added bonus was that it was at an acceptable volume level for our ears, and therefore allowed us to speak without shrieking down each other’s ear canals.

We left at 2.30AM! 2.30AM!!! One of us was grabbed by an aforementioned hot, eager, young man and offered a snog on the way out (obviously she politely declined the offer – while grinning from ear to ear…), one of us struggled to walk, one of us struggled to speak, one of us struggled to see and one of us got into an altercation at the taxi rank when some young whipper-snappers tried to push in front of us. The young might struggle at times to see, or acknowledge, us oldies but they can certainly hear us when they piss us off!

Don’t cross a group of menopausal women high on life, full of cocktails, dancing in the street to ‘I Will Survive’ and elated at the fact that they’ve managed to stay awake long enough to be out late.

A truly fantastic night out!


A big THANKS to all you lovely supporters who’ve been by my side for the first few months of this blog’s life. May we continue our journey together, to wherever it might take us.


7 thoughts on “Full of Christmas Spirit!

  1. Yes! I get the 2 hours getting ready but nobody else seems to. Apparently it only takes them 10 minutes. Seriously, who are kidding. In 10 minutes I wouldn’t have even chosen which knickers to wear, let alone have my face done!


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