You look away – No, you look away!

Funny blog post from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas about being out-stared by a catWas working at computer today when suddenly had eerie feeling I was being watched; slightly unnerving as teenagers were at school and husband was at work.  Slowly turned around and there was cantankerous cat – sitting 6’ behind me. Upright, poker straight, unblinking and staring at me. Just sitting there – staring at me.

I stared back at her. She stared back at me.

I refused to look away. She refused to look away.

I hung on. She hung on.

I yawned. She licked her nose.

Eventually she admitted defeat – blinked, stood up, stuck her tail in the air and walked away.  I grinned.

Yes, I’m aware that makes me slightly ridiculous for engaging the cat in a staring competition…I don’t care.

She started it.

I won.

12 thoughts on “You look away – No, you look away!

    • Could’ve been one of many things: feed me, I’ve eaten three mouthfuls out of my bowl and now consider it to be empty; let me out, I wish to do a tour of the estate and check that the young upstart from next door isn’t lurking under my bush; stroke me, the last stroking session was five minutes ago and you’ve neglected me for far too long OR this is pissing you off isn’t it, I know it’s pissing you off so I’m just gonna keep on doing it…


  1. Mine never, ever gives in to a staring contest but the one that gets me every time is when you are sitting all cosy with the furball sleeping on your lap and they suddenly wake up, stand up and stare, bug eyed into the distance and fur all puffed up, ready for a fight. Gives me the heebie jeebies …


  2. I couldn’t help myself, I had another staring comp with Miss Molly the dog. God I think she hates me. I am positive she sneers at me whenever she bothers to glance my way. But whose the loser, not me. Champion of the staring competition, is what I am. I have no doubt she will kill me in my sleep.


    • Yes, cats are EXTREMELY weird! To sign up to my blog fill in your email address in the second section of the sidebar, called: ‘Sign up for a regular smile’. I read a blog expert’s info on why people don’t read some blogs, and apparently one of the reasons is that too many blogs bombard you with ‘Follow Me’ as soon as you click onto their page. I took her advice and moved my ‘Follow Me’ bit further down the sidebar. However, bollox to that lol! I’ve now moved it higher up again 🙂 Welcome!


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