50 Shades of Weyhey!!

A girls' night out to see 50 Shades of Grey by Midlife Dramas in PyjamasDisclaimer: We didn’t go to see the film for the sake of the film – we KNOW it’s not a great piece of cinematic loveliness with a thought-provoking plot, deep and meaningful messages and Oscar worthy performances. We went for the whole experience: the food, the drinks, the laughs and a great girls’ night out. Nobody judge us…

The evening started with a meal at a restaurant next to the cinema. Waiter took one look at us and said “50 Shades of Grey ladies?” Hadn’t realised we were actually drooling…

Arrived at cinema, quickly went to The Posh Bit Upstairs (this was one film we were going to see in style) and sat down in the bar. We were immediately presented with complimentary nachos, chocolates and bottles of soft drink. And we immediately asked for plastic glasses with ice in them – naughtiness was afoot.

We then tried to discreetly add our contraband vodka to the glasses… God knows how we didn’t draw attention to ourselves; the girlish giggling was VERY loud, we weren’t discreet with the vodka in the slightest and our misplaced attempts to shush each other were way beyond acceptable.

We were eventually shown to our cinema seats on the back row – collecting more bottles of soft drink on the way. A member of staff brought us even more chocolates, which we immediately tipped into our handbags for “Laters baby.

The film passed by in a haze of vodka, nachos, chocolates, giggling and stage whispering. When one friend upended her nachos and spilt them all over the floor we cried laughing. When I picked up my bottle of cola, unscrewed the top and watched helplessly as it erupted everywhere, I had to rush out to the toilet (if only the cinema handed out complimentary Tena Lady).

The film finished and we still had bottles of soft drink and vodka left. One of our number went to the Pick ‘n’ Mix counter and asked if we could have a couple of paper cups. We quickly filled these with the remaining drink… then dripped all the way to the taxi rank. Imagine that! Paper cups don’t hold liquid!!

Due to passing around vodka, squirreling away chocolates, laughing at unruly nachos and exploding cola, creeping back out to the bar for more ice and rushing back out to the bar for the toilet, I missed whole chunks of the film.


We’ll just have to go and see it again…

10 thoughts on “50 Shades of Weyhey!!

  1. Oh my Lordy, back row, 50 Shades, raucous behavior I can only imagine what people thought you were all up too! Hilarious


    • My thoughts entirely! I only follow a handful of blogs, but all the bloggers I do follow are the kind of people I just know I’d be friends with (and have great nights out with) if only we lived nearer…well at least in the same country! One day, one day… 🙂 x


  2. I’m sure the chunks of movie that you missed weren’t worth watching anyway. I haven’t seen the movies and couldn’t read the book because it was so poorly written. How is it possible that she is famous and we are not?!


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