Glam V Grungy!

Glam V Grungy! Funny blog post from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasI often go to the supermarket looking like I’ve been sleeping under a railway bridge for a week: hair scraped up, no make-up, tracksuit bottoms, scruffy trainers, pyjama top (I kid you not) and shapeless cardigan (buttoned up to hide the pyjama top!)

Why do I do that?

Because I can’t be bothered to get glammed up to go to the supermarket. Life’s too short and it takes too long.

Plus nobody knows me in the supermarket…

However, I always go out for lunch with friends looking like I’ve just stepped out of a salon: hair washed and styled, make-up on, skinny jeans (I kid you not), long silky top, gorgeous jewellery and killer heels (my stiletto boots are the stuff of dreams).

Why do I do that?

Because I can be bothered to get glammed up to go out for lunch. Life’s not too short and the time it takes is worth it.

Plus my friends definitely know me lol!! 🙂

Where do you stand on glam V grungy?


24 thoughts on “Glam V Grungy!

    • Haha! I too am an older mum – 50 last year – and I pick and choose what I can be bothered to get glammed up for. I definitely like looking glam but my heart is often more willing than my body – which frequently can’t be arsed lol! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  1. Oh God, on my frequent trip to supermarkets looking like death warmed up I’m absolutely guaranteed to see someone I know. Doesn’t matter if it’s Sainsbury’s, Asda, Lidl, Aldi or the Tesco NOWHERE near my house where I shopped late last week and saw a very old friend from school. Believe me I was kicking myself that I wasn’t looking fab then. You’d think I’d learn.


  2. LOL Love it! I have this “thing” about leaving the house without makeup. I guess it’s an insecurity thing. Even if I’m dressing down in sweats or what not, still gotta put that face on. However, sweatpants and my fuzzy crocks are definite winners! 😉


  3. Unfortunately, EVERYONE at the grocery store knows me, because my grocery store is Target, and I live there. It’s also the place I am most likely to run into friends. How sad is my life?


  4. I am the same, I have to look glam every time I leave the house although I have been known to drop the kids at school braless and still in my pj’s. Really fugly.


  5. I think I’m middle of the road. I work at home and greet parents every day so wear a little bit of makeup because I just look unwell if I don’t. Always in jeans or tailored shorts and a tshirt. Teamed with uggies in winter but NEVER when I’m out. On weekends when I’m at home I’m makeup free and trackies/sloppy shorts all the way. But I love to dress up for lunch with friends and nights out. Sometime will make an effort if I’m out and about on the weekend and likely to see people. Does make me feel good and means I can leave the periscope at home 😂


    • Yes, it’s knowing when you can be bothered. I’ve just been for a walk around the village, still in my pyjama top (under my coat!) and not a scrap of make-up on. However, I’ve come home, showered and got ‘done up’ to go to work. I definitely feel better but sometimes I absolutely can not be arsed 🙂

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  6. I’m convinced that if I went out looking grungy, that’s the day I’ll run into some old boyfriend who dumped me. I don’t want him to take a look at me and realize that dumping me was a good choice!


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