It’s in the jeans…

A funny blog post about shopping for jeans with the hubby by Midlife Dramas in PyjamasFinally managed to talk husband into buying new jeans. He’s only had the last lot for 10 years…so actually I’ve done quite well getting him to agree to a wardrobe update so soon! He declared he needed a couple of pairs in total. I declared he needed a few pairs for ‘every day’ and a few pairs for ‘going out’. Eyes were rolled…

I hit the shopping centre with a look of steel in my eyes. He hit the shopping centre with a look of fear in his eyes. Knew there was limited time before he refused to drop his trousers anymore, so quickly headed to first shop. Husband veered towards comfort fit, I veered towards slim fit. A stalemate – we compromised and met at straight fit.

I selected several in the same size…but different brands. He selected one and declared that all jeans of the same size would fit the same…regardless of brand. Oh dear, how little he knows about clothes shopping. I managed to force another pair into his hands, as he rushed passed me into the changing rooms with his solitary pair.

So – two pairs of the same size, but different brands, had made it in. First pair made him speak with a squeaky voice, second pair needed braces to keep them up. My point was made. He agreed to try on all of my selection…

ONE pair out of the six he’d taken in was deemed acceptable – by me. Left to his own devices he’d have bought the first pair that vaguely fitted, then legged it.

Went on to next – and final – shop; remember there’s a very small window of opportunity before boredom sets in.  However,  something strange seemed to happen between first and second shop – husband suddenly got into swing of things and started picking up jeans with gay abandon. AND willingly trying them all on. AND announcing he wanted to buy them…ALL!

We staggered to the till and watched helplessly as the young shop assistant scrunched them up and forced them into a bag far too small. The restraint on my part required not to pull them all out and re-pack them was immeasurable. I waited until we’d walked away from the till – then did it.

So, a successful outcome all round. A wardrobe brimming with up-to-date jeans.

Now all I need to do is persuade him to throw out all the old ones…

23 thoughts on “It’s in the jeans…

  1. LOL I love this and can totally relate. Oh hell no! Nothing the same size actually FITS the same! I find it funny, that men, in general, don’t understand the concept of shopping for clothes. I’ve been with many men in my lifetime and only a couple in my 20’s actually had any fashion sense at all! It’s beyond me! Good luck in getting him to chunk the old ones. Oh yeah, have you mentioned his t-shirt drawer yet? 😉

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  2. I have a case of the green eyed monster here. Mine be clocking up ten years in the same pair of jeans EASY and there’s no sign of him coming shopping with me any time soon! I’m destined to live the rest of my life watching him stand in front of the wardrobe 2 mins before we have to go anywhere and complain he has nothing to wear. Meanwhile I’m dressed and ready to go since I’ve been planning my outfit for days. Lol. Drives me nuts. So I totally get what a triumph this is for you! *high five*


  3. I miss the days when clothing sizes were the same and you didn’t have to try on each and every thing. Sounds like your husband feels the same way.


  4. Maybe he decided he never wanted to go shopping for jeans again in this lifetime! My husband loves clothes shopping and I’m the one who stands outside the dressing room bored out of my head. Weird huh? I have one friend I like to clothes shop with and she lives 1500 kms away. She might be coming up at Easter though so I’m saving 🙂 Loved this post x


  5. Just why are men so stubborn? My husband just doesn’t get clothes at all and literally I have to drag him to the shops twice a year. Only this weekend we (read I) had a clear out of his wardrobe, jackets, trousers, shirts all way too big – he has lost a lot of weight – yet still wears the same clothes and when I tell him a saggy arse on a pair of jeans is not attractive he looks at me like I am crazy and I remind him that women don’t wear their maternity clothes after they have given birth by way of then we go out for lunch on Easter Sunday he is wearing a scruffy old gardening jacket and when I question him he swears at me and says “you have thrown out all my good clothes”. I will never win! Maybe we need to set up a therapy club! #TweensTeensBeyond

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  6. Are we all married to the same man. I’m wondering!! Could be an age thing of course. All getting a bit too comfortable. I’m thinking back to the parents! I’m also thinking about my favourites ‘go-to’s’ and wondering if I’m a bloke. Oh the shame – I’ve got bloody gardening and decorating clothes. Let’s leave it there!! Thanks for sharing with us again at #tweensteensbeyond Nicky


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