One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today I started my blog – two months after my 50th birthday. Call it a midlife crisis if you will; cheaper than buying a sports car and more seemly than running off with the gardener… 

Before setting forth on this adventure, I’d had a very cagey relationship with technology; my computer was merely a posh typewriter. And social media was the work of the devil. However, a year on not only am I writing a blog, I’ve also launched myself onto Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

My blog is, on the whole, ignored on Facebook (112 page likes is not going to set off a viral post any time soon! A MASSIVE thanks to my few loyal followers xx) but Twitter is now beginning to take me to its heart – probably because I’m hilarious (lol! And I still think it’s ok to use lol!) I LOVE Pinterest – it’s very visual. Plus I spent a happy afternoon creating whacky titles for my boards, and rearranging my pins. They look so pretty.

If you’ve got a spare minute, check me out elsewhere.

Anyway, one year ago today I posted my first foray into blogging – Toasted Teacakes – and my hubby and best friends read it. In celebration of a year, I’m re-posting it. Hopefully a few more people will read it this time…

P.S I’ve added a ‘call to action’ question this time. Oooo get me with my in-depth blogging knowledge…lol!

A funny blog post about waking up with a craving, from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

So, today got off to a questionable start. Woke up craving toasted teacakes – no I’m not pregnant, alarmingly that was also husband’s first thought. Chose not to ignore said craving – which would’ve been wisest course of action. Changed pyjama bottoms for tracksuit bottoms, left pyjama top on, wiped away smudged mascara from under eyes, slipped bare feet into crocks, grabbed a hoodie and drove to the shop. Accidentally wore close up glasses instead of distance ones.

Staggered into the shop, picked up two packs of teacakes and wandered straight into path of friend’s husband. By time I’d realised who it was I was within speaking distance. Had I worn distance glasses I’d have noticed him early enough to nip down the cold meat aisle, and hang out by the salami until he’d gone. Instead I had to have a conversation with him, whilst going redder and redder at the thought of the state of me.

Why can’t I wake up with the urge for quickie morning sex like other people?

Why toasted teacakes?

What do you wake up with the urge for?

22 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…

  1. I wake up with the urge to go back to sleep. Every time! Lol.

    Look I still use LOL too and I’ve often wondered if it’s cool or not. Lol! Congrats on your blog’s first birthday. I’m a bit the same as you, taught myself everything I know about blogging and Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. I just keep plugging away and learn something new every day. It’s a creative outlet for me and I love it. It will have been 3 years in October.

    I must say though that I never know what to call you! It would be nice sometimes to address you by name. Do I just keep calling you MLDIP? Lol. If so I’m down with that. Just had to ask. x


    • According to my youngest teen ‘lol’ is absolutely not cool and would I please not use it, and never say ‘cool’ again!! This reaction makes me use them both even more 😂 Nearly three years, that’s fab (another banned word) I’ll probably have run out of things to say by then…

      Thanks for your comments Shauna, from Maz x


  2. I’ll have to copy a previous answer – coffee. Actually whatever time of day it is that’s probably my most urgent need. Just got to go and pop the kettle on ……….


  3. Well how funny, my first day of blogging was April 7th – well that was my registered name day should we say and similarly I started because I was facing 50 and felt like I needed to do something quickly to regain my independence – the reverse scenario of the teens really. Anyway, I am glad that we have found you via our lovely linky and that you are regaling us with your funny stories and flicking through the comments I am also glad to see that you have a name although now trying to figure out what Maz stands for?? Any clues??? Jo x

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments Jo. I’ve been doing it a year and it’s a slow uphill struggle; some bloggers who’ve only been going for a year are awash with followers, FB page likes and Twitter followers. I guess if I followed all of the hints, tips and blogging rules I might be more successful, but I fear that would take the enjoyment out of it for me. And at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. I might get around to thinking about SEO, key words and post length one day, but not yet…not yet. 🙂 x

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      • You are great just the way you are, my dear. I love your blog – it makes me smile and gives me more ‘Me too!’ moments that many others and, of course, it’s quality not quantity that counts, unless, I should say, it involves a very large bag of Werther’s originals then quantity just has to win every time. Mid-life can be such a lonely place at times – bit like being a middle child – neither one way or the other so it is great to read and laugh with like minded people and when I wake up tomorrow to my toasted hot cross bun, yah heck, I might even slather on a little more butter – strictly in your honour of course and nothing whatsoever to do with me being a greedy ole gal …


      • Haha! Enjoy your hot cross bun Mel, the more butter the merrier! Thanks for your much appreciated kind words. I’m never going to be able to produce a post that’s the required length for SEO…it’s just not what I’m about – short and funny all the way (well that’s the aim lol!) You’re right, it’s great to meet like minded people in the blogosphere – one day we should all meet up; I’m sure we’d have a blast 🙂


  4. Congratulations on your year of blogging. I have twitter envy, your blitzing it, I am a shambles with it. I love the mornings, the promise of a new day, the world looks beautiful, wildlife wanders across the front paddock, it’s perfect bliss until the coffee hit wears off.


    • Twitter makes me smile…so many people follow you in the hope that you’ll follow them back. If you don’t – they unfollow you. Ridiculous! I follow people I’m genuinely interested in, or people who make me laugh. I’m also not interested in buying jewellery, hiring a nanny, having my blog/life/family re-vamped, and I certainly don’t need a new zip because I’m a woman who can’t apparently unzip herself!! LOL!!!

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