Grab your coat – you’ve pulled!

A funny blog post about a night out, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent out for cocktails with a friend last week. To say we thoroughly enjoyed the 2 for 1 offers in the local bars is putting it lightly.

We were sitting in the last bar when husbands of two close friends came in. Naturally they came across, offered us another drink, went over to the bar, came back with our drinks then sat down and joined us for the last half hour of the night.

Now, to anyone observing this little exchange, it would’ve looked like two middle-aged women successfully pulling on a night out. When we all left together – without a shadow of a doubt – it would’ve been assumed we were going home to have an orgy, private illicit sex or at the very least a drunken fumble up the back alley.

In truth me and my friend phoned several taxi companies and begged for a lift home – with no success. So we began the journey: tottering on our 4” strappy heels, shivering in our little stylish jackets, clutching our over-sized handbags and desperately wishing we’d worn something sturdier in the knicker department…

And our chivalrous companions? Laughing. Like drains. Apparently our footwear was totally unsuitable for the walk home (you think?!) and if we’d worn more appropriate shoes (flat) we could’ve walked faster and kept ourselves warm. Helpful…

When the Chinese takeaway came into view we all four made a beeline for it; me and my friend suddenly found a turn of speed at the thought of five minutes warmth. We ordered chips with curry sauce and enjoyed the sit down while we waited for the food – then watched as one of the men frantically tried to explain to the owner (who knew him) that we weren’t in fact together, we were merely friends of his wife and no he hadn’t actually divorced her.

We then carried on with our drunken journey – still tottering, still shivering, still clutching our over-sized handbags, still wishing we’d worn a Tena Lady but now also trying desperately not to drop our chips and curry sauce down our fronts!


25 thoughts on “Grab your coat – you’ve pulled!

    • Another friend of mine always does that and swears by it. My problem there is that after years of ballet, as a child/teenager, my arches are knackered and I’d find it even harder to walk home in flats. I’m doomed whatever I do Sue lol! The safe plan is to book a taxi in advance, but I don’t like being constrained to an end time – you never know where the night might take you…I’m a sucker for a cry of ‘Let’s go dancing’ 🙂


  1. Love it. I’m heading out with girlfriends tonight and can’t wait but feeling slightly anxious about the comfort Vs style dilemma. It’s going to be cold and my stamina in the footwear department ain’t what it used to be!


    • Yes, it’s a pain in the bum! I’m going into town with some friends tomorrow night and I’ll be the only one wearing a proper coat – which, where I live, is unthinkable!! In my post we were just in the village, but tomorrow it’s the TOWN…I SHALL BE PREPARED. No shivering at taxi ranks for me! 🙂


  2. Ha ha. …don’t believe a word. …you didn’t know them at all!!!!
    + shivering, wearing unsuitable shoes and eating junk food is all part of a night on the ‘toon’.


  3. 241 cocktails on a Friday afternoon with my girlfriends is the best part of my midlife drama. A bottle of wine followed by 2 Dark & Stormy cocktails for the road and we’re living the dream lol. Great post made me laugh out loud.


  4. Haha, Great post made me chuckle. Are you sure you didn’t pull 😉
    We don’t tend to struggle getting Taxis in Manchester as there seem to be more of them than people! I do remember one night with a 3 hour walk home in heels with no coat after losing my purse. ouch.


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