Acting Course Part 4 – Like a Puppet on a…

Just realised I never shared my last session from the acting course with you. So, for a certain friend who loves hearing all about it – this one’s for you 😉

If you’d like a bit of background, read about the first three sessions here:

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A funny blog post about going on an acting course, from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

Acting course reached a new low today. Having spent usual first 10 minutes relaxing everything with our eyes shut (except for me; I sit there with one eye open checking how seriously everyone else is taking it), we were told to imagine we were puppets. I’d rather imagine I was Elizabeth Taylor but maybe that’s just me…

With our eyes still shut we went through whole rigmarole of imagining our limbs were attached to strings – lifting them up one at a time then letting them drop. Started with our toes and finished with tops of our heads. By our knees I was bored, by our wrists I was thinking about our next girls’ night out and by our necks I was nearly asleep.

We were then instructed to let the puppet take over, and move around the room when we felt ready. Felt ready?? I was only just coping sitting in my chair, I was never going to ‘feel ready’ to actually leave it!!

Was just contemplating how ridiculous everyone looked – through my one open eye – when a man two seats down from me thoroughly entered into the spirit of things and slid off his chair. He then slumped over with his nose actually touching the floor, and waited for someone to pull his strings and help him back up. I was of no use to him whatsoever because trying not to laugh was using up every bit of available energy I had .

I’d just recovered some semblance of normality from this debacle when the girl who ‘wants to leave her mark on the earth and re-invent comedy’, got herself tangled up in her strings and also fell on the floor. Attention seeker.

By this point suppressing laughter was beginning to cause me actual pain. To stop the inevitable uncontrollable snort from erupting, I decided to set off around the room in ‘puppet mode’ following the others. I suspect we looked more like deranged zombies than puppets but hey-ho.

Did two circuits of the room (trying to avoid eye contact with my fellow zombies puppets) then went back round once more and picked up my bag, scooped up what bit of dignity I had left, made it to the door (still in zombie/puppet mode) turned to shout ‘cheerio’ and left.

That’s quite enough of that nonsense thank you!

Anyone else been on an acting course?

Did it actually involve any acting??

20 thoughts on “Acting Course Part 4 – Like a Puppet on a…

  1. Oh, I wish I was brave enough to do an acting course! Not quite sure how being a puppet prepares you for being an extra on The Bill (RIP) thuogh…. Thanks for updating us on your acting.


  2. I’m disappointed you’re not going back. It’s hysterical. Why don’t you join the local am/dram group. The one my Mum is with is full of swingers! (She isn’t one I may add but she does get the low-down). But that’s Oxfordshire for you. 😁😁😁


  3. I’ve not been on an acting course but I can see the benefits for someone who like myself is a bit shy. I have to say this would be a step too far out of my comfort zone.


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