Just call me Hyacinth…

A funny blog post about having the teenage son's girlfriend round for a meal, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasEldest asked if his girlfriend could join us for the evening meal. We were having chilli – not a meal I’d have chosen; doesn’t really show off my culinary skills. I feel it’s important to let girlfriends know what standards my boys are used to at meal times – and it’s NOT ‘pop, pop, ping’! 

To make up for this I added a few extra accompaniments: salad, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Then I made a pudding.

Girlfriend arrived. I took husband and boys to one side and told them (in hushed tones) under no circumstances were they to ask, ‘What’s going on? We don’t normally have salad, guacamole and salsa with chilli! What’s with the yoghurt, and how come you’ve suddenly made a pudding?’

Smirks Smiles were exchanged over the table but on the whole I thought I’d got away with it; that is until youngest loudly demanded,

“Why have we suddenly got music on and candles out? We don’t usually have music on and candles out for a normal meal. It’s not Friday or Saturday! Mum, why have you put music on and got candles out?”


Translation: Darling, thanks for noticing the addition of music and candles to our evening meal. It’s good to know you appreciate the finer things in life…

Now be quiet, eat your meal and leave me alone to impress your brother’s @&$%*#@ girlfriend!!

24 thoughts on “Just call me Hyacinth…

  1. Definitely not trying too hard. I can’t wait for this to happen in our house. I have the whole table set in my head, heavy silver cutlery, fresh white napkins, if she dares wipe her lipstick on one that will be the end of her, as much Villeroy and Boch as I can muster, sparkling crystal glasses…. Perfection! Unfortunately we will be eating toasted sandwiches and I can’t cook. Hyacinth would have given you a gold star.


  2. Yes I can imagine mine saying exactly the same thing. Luckily for me we haven’t got to the point where a girlfriend has been invited back. As someone who loathes cooking with a passion it will probably bring me out in a rash! Hope it went smoothly! #TweensTeensBeyond


  3. The sheer idea of my teen son loving a female human other than his mother sends shivers down my back! (It must be my Sicilianness bubbling over ;-))
    #TweensTeensBeyond (not sure how tags works, if I’m doing it wrong, please forgive me)


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