What’s your favourite view?

A funny blog post about favourite views, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasSomeone on Twitter asked people to post a picture of their favourite view.

Here’s mine…

Craggy hillsides, a peaceful lake and two beautiful twisted old trees. All illuminated by a breath-taking sunset.

And by that I mean rocky ice cubes, a sea of gin about to cause havoc, and two beautiful bendy new straws. All illuminated by a breath-taking candle in an underground gin bar.


What’s your favourite view?

9 thoughts on “What’s your favourite view?

  1. Make that three! I read you too! Just have been AWOL for a little. Sorry. But I am back! My favourite view is a XXXX. Now… I have an inkling you’re not in Australia so you might not have any clue what that is? Ha! It’s not as classy as some and I’ve tried the more trendy brews but I keep coming back to the good old XXXX. This was my beer of choice when I lived in sunny Queensland (where the XXXX brewery is) many moons ago. Old habits die hard.


    • Glad to see you’re back Shauna xx I have seen XXXX over here but I don’t drink it. Can’t drink beer or lager as it swells me up like a barrage balloon – not a pleasant sight!! I stick to wine, gin and cocktails hurrah!! 🙂


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