New Outfit – New Body! Hahaha!

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while, will remember my post about the day the camera crew came to the gym.  I described in eye-watering detail my gym outfit: a pair of grey, long cotton supermarket shorts; a scruffy, old green t-shirt; black socks and cheap trainers. Nice!

So, decided I should at least look the part at the gym. It’s no good being able to talk the talk, I have to be able to walk the walk as well – and preferably walk that walk in rather nice matching lycra. So here is my new outfit:

A funny post about a new outfit for the gym from humour blogger, idlife Dramas in Pyjamas

Isn’t it nice?

I’m particularly taken by the ‘go-faster’ stripes down the legs, and am looking forward to them having an amazing (and instant) impact on my gym workout. You can’t see from the picture but the legs also have see-through mesh panels. No doubt to show off my newly rippling muscles…

One day I might be as slim as this outfit would lead you to believe. But not today. Today I’ve simply mastered the art of tactical folding lol!

The truly observant amongst you will have clocked that I haven’t ironed the top. Too right! That bad boy is going to be screwed up, and chucked into my gym bag with gay abandon on a daily   twice-weekly   weekly  somewhat irregular occurrence. There’ll soon be creases ON the creases. (The truth is the top was so cheap if I’d ironed it, it would’ve melted…)

To top my outfit off I clearly needed some new socks. And guess what? I happen to have a pair that match. In fact they’re perfect: 10 years old, full of happy memories, from a friend and fun. What’s not to love?!

(You’ll be pleased to know this pic was taken BEFORE not AFTER I’d worn them…)

40 socks for working out at the gym from humour blogger, Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

So, I’ll bounce head off to the gym tomorrow looking quite the thing. And if I feel old and fat as I puff and pant next to all the young, nubile gym bunnies; or as I stagger around carrying the lowest weight possible back to my mat (before lifting it above my head to banish my bingo wings – without knocking myself unconscious), I’ll simply look at my socks and smile.

Because yes, I was groovy at 40. But you know what?

I’m even groovier at 50 🙂

22 thoughts on “New Outfit – New Body! Hahaha!

  1. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I bought you those socks ten years ago ….. but maybe I was thinking …. they are perfect to sit in your drawer for a decade until you are bonkers enough to wear them !! Hahaha love the whole matching outfit by the way …. all you need now is a purple sweat band to wear on your head …. lol xxxxx


  2. See I did something similar – joined an extortionately expensive gym, walked in on the first day in my tatty old tracky bottoms and even tattier top – died of shame when I saw that everyone else was in their designer fitness gear! Tore out of there faster than Linford Christie – seriously the fastest I had moved in a decade. Not to be shamed a second time, I went out and bought a whole wardrobe of exercise bits and bobs, particularly remember the fitness shoes – accents of pink and purple – I was a sight to behold as I strutted my stuff and, it has to be said, I lost rather a lot of weight over the following weeks – nothing whatsoever to do with exercise – had spent so much on membership and gym gear that I couldn’t really afford to eat …


  3. Well, if only we could see you. I hope the cameras are there for this one. And, I’m not sure that we do iron these things – aren’t they supposed to just flex with your body? #tweensteenbeyond


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