Murder on the Dancefloor!

Here’s the first poem I’ve written inspired by my poetry challenge. Someone over on Facebook suggested the idea, ‘Dancing like no-one is looking, then noticing that they ALL are!’

A funny blog post about going out clubbing in middle-age, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas
I went out drinking with a friend,
We both knew how the night would end.
Laughter, fun and raucous dancing,
Stopping life from fast advancing.

Dressed in heels and make-up on,
Our fear and inhibitions gone.
We ate a meal – how civilised,
Excitement only just disguised.

A cocktail first and then one more,
We headed off towards the door.
Towards the club where deep within,
Our fantasy would soon begin.

We chose a club that only played
The music from our fave decade.
The 80s (as you know is great),
To hit the floor, we couldn’t wait.

We put our bags down on a chair
And ran our fingers through our hair.
Then sectioned out our bit of space,
Picked up the rhythm of the base.

Around us all the people stood,
Ignoring us – we knew they would.
Two ‘daft old ladies’ trying to dance,
Not even worthy of a glance.

The music pumped right through our veins;
The gloves were off, no more constrains.
We strutted like we didn’t care,
Because we didn’t, to be fair.

Our arms were waved above our heads
(No tea for us, tucked up in bed).
We kicked our legs and twirled around,
At one point lunging to the ground!

We vogued like no-one had before
And absolutely owned the floor.
We danced and tripped the light fantastic,
All our limbs became elastic.

No nerves or tiny steps for us,
Our moves were big and obvious.
We both were on a stage somewhere,
Just grinning, dancing not a care.

The music stopped we clung on tight,
Then laughed out loud, oh what a night!
Our faces glowed, our smiles were wide;
Two friends just standing side by side.

We looked around and saw the youth,
Who maybe struggled with the truth.
Their eyes on stalks,  mouths open wide,
We simply couldn’t hide our pride.

We fetched our bags, and linked our arms,
Then smiled around with grace and charm.
We turned and sauntered off the floor –
Always leave them wanting more.

There’s more to life than just a number,
Never leave your zest to slumber.
Do the things you LOVE to do,
Have fun, have laughs, be bold – BE YOU!

This is based on a night out which my friend and I still smile and laugh about. We’re already looking forward to the next one…

Let me know if you still go out dancing, and do you care if people are watching?

41 thoughts on “Murder on the Dancefloor!

  1. Takes me back does this *grins*. Esme still dances, but usually just on the Cloud, clubs nights are still on the agenda at times though and when they are, yes, I’ll dance and dance away regardless of who is looking, just so long as I have at least one other loon joining me hahahaha.

    – Esme the boogie Queen upon the Cloud


    • Ah thanks Jo, that’s a lovely thing to say. If my kids are there it makes my dancing become even wilder…strange that! I’m certainly enjoying writing my poems. So many people have answered my challenge to come up with a topic for a future poem. I now can’t get them out of my head and onto the paper fast enough lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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