I’m NEVER drinking AGAIN! (Until the next time…)

A funny blog post about the midlife hangover, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasI go out for a little drink,
And come back home flushed slightly pink.
I spend the next day ill in bed,
With tummy ache and pounding head!

I stagger round – a shade of green,
Being smirked at by the righteous teen.
Pretending that it’s just a bug,
Whilst clinging to my coffee mug.

Will someone kindly tell me please,
Why drinking brings me to my knees?
And why that now I’m 50 plus,
My body has become a wuss?

This midlife nonsense is a curse,
This new intolerance the worst.
It seems that now I’m middle-aged,
My coping gene has disengaged!

Dry hair, hot flushes, bulging waist,
And in my mouth a funny taste.
I need some respite don’t you think?

28 thoughts on “I’m NEVER drinking AGAIN! (Until the next time…)

  1. Welcome back! Feeling ever so slightly smug here as I’m partaking in Dry January. February is going to be messy though, Valentine’s and my birthday. Better stock up on the aspirin!


  2. This is my favourite line! Although I have to say I am starting to know my boundaries. Pretty good really considering I’ve just turned 50!! I really do not like the day after feeling. It sometimes goes on for a week too. Thanks for sharing with us at #tweensteensbeyond


  3. I love this! The last time I got drunk was for my 40th birthday and I couldn’t believe how hungover I was the next day – and I wasn’t even as drunk as I used to get in my 20’s which is the ironic part lol. #TweensTeensBeyond


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