Are you a hoarder?!

A funny blog post about being a hoarder, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasThe worst hoarder in our house is my hubby. Everything I want to chuck out, he wants to keep…in the garage…just in case.

Just in case what??

Just in case there’s suddenly a national shortage of biscuit tins with damaged lids, empty dried fruit tubs, chunks of polystyrene, dried up tins of paint, bins full of wood and surplus shelf widgets from Ikea furniture??

If there is ever such a shortage, he will most certainly swing into action and save the day.

Until then – chuck it in the @£$%ing bin!!!

Do you live with a hoarder, or are YOU the hoarder?

12 thoughts on “Are you a hoarder?!

  1. OMG – I could have written this !!!! My husband is a dreadful hoarder – just in case, are the words he lives by too !! When we moved, I had a whole bunch of stuff to get rid of and he was “No – I could use that” – so I told him he could keep whatever he wanted but it had to go in his shed. I’ve been down to his shed – it looks like a home away from home – LOL His folks were hoarders and he got the gene – it – drives – me – nuts. I’m dying to live in a minimalist home but I have absolutely no chance of that as long as I am married to him.
    The worst thing is that he has the memory of an elephant so I can’t even get rid of stuff and hope he won’t notice because he remembers every little thing he has. I have, on occasions, started a ‘one in one out’ policy but it never seems to work because apparently an electric blower is different to a battery blower – and he needs them both !!!!!!
    Urrggghhhhhh – all I can say is that I am so glad to hear I am not fighting this battle alone !!!!


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