All hail the Nana Nap!!

A funny poem aboput needing a nap, from humour blogger Midlife dramas in PyjamasIs it wrong to want a nap
And have a little sleep?
Just a quick one – 40 winks
No time to count damned sheep.

I’ve made it half way through the day
A rest is well deserved.
It helps to charge my batteries
And keep me well preserved.

It’s not because I’m middle-aged
Oh no, no, no, no, no!
It’s just to help me carry on
And keep my youthful glow.

My raison d’etre, joie de vivre
Tiring va-va-voom.
All need the chance to take a break
And in a darkened room.

It won’t take long to perk back up
Be fabulous once more.
Just leave me here a little while
Creep out and close the door.

Ok, I’ll stop the nonsense now
I need it cos I’m knackered!
I went out with the girls last night
Drank cocktails and got hammered!!



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