Gym Bunny…NOT!

A funny blog ppst abput gping to the gym, from midlife blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasTried the gym again today. Don’t really enjoy it so I’m in and out within the hour; having timed my activities to perfection.

Luckily the machines all come with a Television:

  • bike 5mins – cycling along a pleasant country lane, none of this powering up hills nonsense
  • treadmill 20mins – WALKING…I don’t do running and I don’t do sweating GOOD GOD! Sometimes I have to stay on a bit longer if ‘Lorraine’ hasn’t finished, or if I’m in the middle of texting a friend
  • 5 sets of stomach crunches lifting 10lb. Probably not doing it right. Probably meant to be actually crunching something, rather than just sitting pulling weights up and down – while smiling smugly at everyone else who is running and sweating
  • cross trainer 20mins (5mins forward, 5mins backwards and repeat.) Occasionally I’ve been so engrossed in ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ I’ve forgotten which way I’m going
  • swift exit; sometimes impeded by membership card refusing to let me out.

Not funny!

Came home – resisted temptation to stop and buy a MASSIVE bar of chocolate on the way.

Middle of the afternoon felt a bit peckish. Rummaged through cupboards and found a small bar of cooking chocolate languishing at the back.

Quickly liberated it.

Next time I’ll just buy a massive bar of Galaxy!

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