Acting Course Part 2 – Beach! He said BEACH!

A funny blog post about the second session on an acting course, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasThis week we had to use all five senses to imagine a beach we’d visited. Then we had to describe it to everyone – there are 25 people in the class, it was going to take a while. I kept it simple and said I was at the beach with friends and kids; we’re going up to the kiosk for coffee and muffins, the kids are whining about chips and will then dig massive holes for the rest of the afternoon.

Some people waxed lyrical about beaches they’d clearly seen on the internet. One person described a forest. A forest?? I was desperately waiting for the teacher to say, “Err you’re meant to be on a beach,” but alas no. Similarly when a girl announced she was in a restaurant – and I had an involuntary splutter of laughter – I was glared at. How come? I wasn’t the one in the wrong imaginary place!

We then had to act out our beach. Yes, ‘act out’ our beach. Some people wafted around in floaty dresses, some people rolled up their trousers to paddle, some people dug around in rock pools and some people swam the length of the room – I kid you not.

I sat in my imaginary deck chair drinking my imaginary coffee, added an imaginary tot of brandy when my imaginary kids weren’t looking, ate my imaginary muffin and read my imaginary magazine.

Can’t wait for next week…