To brow or not to brow?

A funny blog post about eyebrows, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasDecided it was time I had some drawn on eyebrows. Stood balefully gazing at pencils wondering if I was a light brown, warm brown, medium brown, dark brown, mid-brown, chestnut, hazel, tawny or chocolate. Bleedin’ Nora!

My hair is medium brown (out of a bottle) but my eyebrows are dark brown shot through with grey – this does not make me look distinguished; it makes me look like an aged badger. Eventually an assistant came over and advised me. I left with a warm brown pencil plus a special sharpener – but laughed at her suggestion of wax to keep said eyebrows in place. I walked away shaking my head and smiling at the youth of today. Did she think I couldn’t look after a pair of eyebrows?!

Got home and immediately filled in my scratty eyebrows. Looked like I was permanently frowning; maybe I’d drawn them too far into the middle – though obviously I’d stopped short of a mono-brow. Not sure if I looked permanently surprised, permanently cross or permanently bewildered. Sucked a cotton bud and tried to make them look less frightening.

Took new eyebrows to the pub. No-one said a word but did get a few quizzical looks. Got home, looked in mirror and realised I’d smudged one right across my forehead.

Obviously the assistant was right –  I’m not ready to be out in public with sole responsibility for a pair of eyebrows!