Enough of the bush!

A funny blog post about having the hedge trimmed, from MidlifeDramas in PyjamasToday the tree man came round to do us a quote. We’ve decided to get rid of a hedge of conifers from the back garden – getting tired of having to pay for a well-trimmed bush on an annual basis.

Doorbell rang and for some reason his arrival took me by surprise. I still had my pyjama top on. With the words ‘love me to the moon and back’ emblazoned across it.

Did I quickly throw on a hoodie? No. Pull on a jumper? No. Grab a coat? No. I simply stepped outside, and spent the whole time talking to him with my arms clamped firmly across my chest.

This was working fine, until I forgot what I was wearing and inadvertently used both hands to gesticulate. Hello boys! I instantly revealed two pert nipples standing to attention in the cool breeze, straining against the word ‘moon’ and helpfully pointing him towards the unruly bushes that needed his attention…