Decisions, Decisions!

A funny blog post about deciding whether or not to open the wine, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasDrove home from work yesterday trying to decide whether or not to uncork the wine when I got in.

Opened outside porch door to find inner porch door wide open – am constantly telling sons to close this.

Stood on the post – lost count of how many times have asked sons to pick this up when they come in.

Tripped over cantankerous cat demanding to be fed – both boys horizontal on sofas with I-Pads glued to their hands, impressively ignoring cat’s plaintive cries of hunger (massive headphones clamped over their ears probably helped).

Shouted at them to pick up blazers and bags dumped in the lounge, and take them to their bedrooms.

Demanded to know if they’d got any homework.

Cleared kitchen table still littered with their breakfast debris.

Cleaned up cat sick – yes she doesn’t limit this just to the cat box on car journeys.

Listened to three messages on the answer machine offering me compensation money for that car accident I’d been in, the chance to reclaim mis-sold PPI and a whole set of new double glazed windows.

Easy decision really – wine was opened!