A funny blog post about getting teenagers to go meat free, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasAmusing conversation this morning:

Teenager (heading towards the front door): What’s for tonight’s meal?

Me (waving goodbye from the kitchen): Vegetable curry.

Teenager (swivelling round and hurtling back down the hall with alarming speed): Vegetable curry? VEGETABLE curry? Why are we having vegetable curry?

Me (wiping the table, head down hiding the smile): Because it’s not good to eat meat every day. It’s good to have just vegetables occasionally.

Teenager (starting to panic): So is it curry with JUST vegetables? Literally JUST vegetables? No meat AT ALL?

Me (smiling openly): Correct.

Teenager (using dramatic hand gestures and pacing around the kitchen): But we have vegetables WITH meals EVERY day. We don’t need a meal of JUST vegetables!

Me (walking into the utility room): Our bodies need a rest from digesting meat every day.

Teenager (following, voice rising): Who told you that?? Is that some kind of warped joke? Please put some meat in it. I can’t believe it, that’ll be horrible! It can’t just have vegetables in it. I’m not eating it. You can’t make me eat it. You can eat it. It’ll be disgusting mind. I’ll make something else for my meal…blah blah blah

Me (emptying the washer, glancing over my shoulder): I’m sorry, are you still talking? Darling, you need to go or you’ll be late for school.

Teenager (wild-eyed and stomping back to the front door): I can’t believe it! Why would you do this to me? It’s just not right. It’s…(leaving the house, with a little help from me)

Me (closing the door): Bye sweetheart. Have a nice day.

Headed upstairs, musing about tonight’s meal – Maybe I should present it as a picture, like I used to when they were little: The Mona Lisa Madras, The Poppy Field Pasanda or maybe The Sunflowers Sag Aloo? *laughed to self and tutted* Unfortunately my skills in the field of art are as advanced as my tolerance in the field of pandering to fussy teenagers. So my efforts would end up more like a Masala Mush, a Balti Blob or – if they’re really lucky – a Dhansak Dollop.

Came back downstairs, made a cup of coffee, switched on computer and typed into Google – ‘Vegetable meals with no meat in them WHATSOEVER…’

16 thoughts on ““VEG OUT!”

  1. Laughing at this as our conversations and meals have gone the other way. Our teenaged youngest went to uni last year, and became vegetarian at the same time. I’ve never been an eater of huge quantities of meat, but now I’m finding it appearing less and less in our meals and becoming a ‘rare occasion’ treat!


  2. Omg! This is just too funny! I was laughing out loud. My eldest is all about eating as much protein as is humanly possible and if I ever suggest fish or a vegetarian meal he stomps just like that, swears and says he is ordering a take away! Do let me know how you get on and share your vegetable recipes that worked! Thanks for joining. #TweensTeensBeyond


  3. Oh my goodness I have just realised that Mr C is a teenager. We have the same conversation everytime I serve him up a vegetable meal. I now pretend that there is meat in there even if there isn’t! #FridayFrolics


    • When my kids were toddlers they ate every kind of veg I put in front of them…now they don’t. VERY ANNOYING!! I constantly have to stop myself from saying, “But you ate it when you were little!” Stony ground and tumbleweed…


  4. Haha! I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t like meat that much – I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. I don’t get people who are panicked about not having meat! I like vegetarian curries. I often make them. Even the kids will eat them.

    Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics


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