Are you a hoarder?!

A funny blog post about being a hoarder, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasThe worst hoarder in our house is my hubby. Everything I want to chuck out, he wants to keep…in the garage…just in case.

Just in case what??

Just in case there’s suddenly a national shortage of biscuit tins with damaged lids, empty dried fruit tubs, chunks of polystyrene, dried up tins of paint, bins full of wood and surplus shelf widgets from Ikea furniture??

If there is ever such a shortage, he will most certainly swing into action and save the day.

Until then – chuck it in the @£$%ing bin!!!

Do you live with a hoarder, or are YOU the hoarder?

My five favourite words…

a funny blog posts about the gym from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

My five favourite words of the day:



No…that’s not me in the picture. If it was, I wouldn’t have to go to the gym in the first place!

And I certainly wouldn’t be jumping around like that – not unless I wanted to pull every muscle in my body, knacker my knees, put my back out, drop my glasses…and bloody wet myself!


A funny blog post about a husband snoring, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasThe scene – Husband in bed, on his back, snoring after his night out…

Me: Sweetheart, please turn onto your side – you’re snoring.

H: Ok (lifts arm above head, continues to snore)

Me: Err love, please turn onto your side – you’re snoring.

H: Ok (turns head to one side, continues to snore)

Me: Sweetheart…you have to actually move…onto your side.

H: Ok (moves legs, continues to snore)


H: Ok (fidgets, turns onto his side then flops onto his back. Continues to snore)


H: Stop waking me up…I was asleep! (Continues to snore)


H: Woah! There’s no need for that…you only had to ask!

Black Forest…Something!!

A funny blog post about making a Black Forest pudding, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasSpent all day Saturday making the pudding for a dinner party we were going to. Theme was 1970s so I’d decided my pudding was going to be Black Forest something. I just didn’t have a clue what the ‘something’ would be…It took FOUR attempts!

First attempt: individual Black Forest gateau. Individual I tell you! I didn’t rate the sponge; it was too dry and like forcing several cream crackers round your mouth with no access to water

Second attempt: a different Black Forest gateau recipe. Sponge was gorgeous but I didn’t rate the tinned cherries the recipe suggested: too gloopy and squidgy. Fresh cherries would have been too hard to cut into – didn’t want to run risk of them turning into missiles and ricocheting off the walls. Especially as the hosts had just had their dining room decorated.

Third attempt: individual Black Forest Pavlovas. Never made meringue before, and after this attempt never will again! It absolutely would NOT thicken. If I’d done the ‘hold bowl over head’ test I’d have been left standing in the kitchen looking like a cross between a melting Halloween ghost and a heated marshmallow. Poured them onto baking sheet – not a cat in hell’s chance of piping or shaping them as per the instructions. Went in the oven as meringue puddles – came out as meringue pebbles. Teens loved them as they were so gooey and, once they’d cooled, ate all 16. Then begged me to make them ‘wrong’ again

Fourth attempt: individual Black Forest trifles. Not so much ‘made by me’, more ‘assembled’ by me…

Trifle sponges – no I didn’t make my own. When someone’s gone to the trouble of making sponge, cutting it into the perfect size, popping it into a packet and selling it it’d be rude not to buy it.

Fresh cherries – heated and softened in black cherry jam (how clever!) No of course I didn’t make my own jam!

Custard – yes I did make my own custard. Well I say ‘make’…I opened a packet of custard powder and added milk & sugar to it. None of that messing around with vanilla pods and eggs malarkey!

Cream – whipped and mixed with icing sugar and cherry brandy. Yes I did manage to successfully combine these three ingredients myself!

Finished the trifles off with grated chocolate and a single fresh cherry on a stalk. How stylish!

They went down a treat: Nobody gagged on dry sponge, nobody got their teeth glued together with meringue and nobody had to clean the walls.

Now that’s what I call a success!

I’m NEVER drinking AGAIN! (Until the next time…)

A funny blog post about the midlife hangover, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in PyjamasI go out for a little drink,
And come back home flushed slightly pink.
I spend the next day ill in bed,
With tummy ache and pounding head!

I stagger round – a shade of green,
Being smirked at by the righteous teen.
Pretending that it’s just a bug,
Whilst clinging to my coffee mug.

Will someone kindly tell me please,
Why drinking brings me to my knees?
And why that now I’m 50 plus,
My body has become a wuss?

This midlife nonsense is a curse,
This new intolerance the worst.
It seems that now I’m middle-aged,
My coping gene has disengaged!

Dry hair, hot flushes, bulging waist,
And in my mouth a funny taste.
I need some respite don’t you think?

An Apology…

Dear Lovely Readers,

I’m taking a break from blogging for a while. Our lovely family cat was killed on the road last week and I’ve completely lost my mojo. I’m still managing to throw memes at Facebook but I’ve de-activated both my Pinterest and Instagram accounts – I can’t bear seeing the photos of him that I’d uploaded there. Twitter hasn’t held my interest for a while as I’m fed up of being followed by bots selling baby clothes, toys, weaning products and cracked nipple cream!! I’m 51 FFS!!

Anyway…look after yourselves, I’ll be back soon, and keep blogging.




The BIG Clean Up After Christmas!

A funny blog post about cleaning nup after Christmas, from humour blogger Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

The big clean up after Christmas should take me, at most, a morning. How long does it usually take me? A full day.

Why? Because every time I go into a bedroom to clean it, I have to flop onto the bed and have a loll while I’m there. Keep on reading!!