Grab your coat – you’ve pulled!

A funny blog post about a night out, from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent out for cocktails with a friend last week. To say we thoroughly enjoyed the 2 for 1 offers in the local bars is putting it lightly.

We were sitting in the last bar when husbands of two close friends came in. Naturally they came across, offered us another drink, went over to the bar, came back with our drinks then sat down and joined us for the last half hour of the night.

Now, to anyone observing this little exchange, it would’ve looked like two middle-aged women successfully pulling on a night out. When we all left together – without a shadow of a doubt – it would’ve been assumed we were going home to have an orgy, private illicit sex or at the very least a drunken fumble up the back alley.

In truth me and my friend phoned several taxi companies and begged for a lift home – with no success. So we began the journey: tottering on our 4” strappy heels, shivering in our little stylish jackets, clutching our over-sized handbags and desperately wishing we’d worn something sturdier in the knicker department…

And our chivalrous companions? Laughing. Like drains. Apparently our footwear was totally unsuitable for the walk home (you think?!) and if we’d worn more appropriate shoes (flat) we could’ve walked faster and kept ourselves warm. Helpful…

When the Chinese takeaway came into view we all four made a beeline for it; me and my friend suddenly found a turn of speed at the thought of five minutes warmth. We ordered chips with curry sauce and enjoyed the sit down while we waited for the food – then watched as one of the men frantically tried to explain to the owner (who knew him) that we weren’t in fact together, we were merely friends of his wife and no he hadn’t actually divorced her.

We then carried on with our drunken journey – still tottering, still shivering, still clutching our over-sized handbags, still wishing we’d worn a Tena Lady but now also trying desperately not to drop our chips and curry sauce down our fronts!


Mustn’t complain…we’re British!

A funny blog post about not complaining by Midlife Dramas in PyjamasWent out for a walk and snack lunch, with hubby and one of the teens. Turned out to be one of the worst lunches I’ve ever had. Nothing to do with the company – they were lovely. But typically British.

Ordered a goat’s cheese and tomato toastie – Oh. My. God. It arrived looking like a limp, pathetic, anaemic rag. I opened it up – it wasn’t even sealed – and couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Very little I tell you! Very little! I immediately had three issues with said ‘toastie’. Keep on reading!

One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today I started my blog – two months after my 50th birthday. Call it a midlife crisis if you will; cheaper than buying a sports car and more seemly than running off with the gardener…  Keep on reading!

It’s in the jeans…

A funny blog post about shopping for jeans with the hubby by Midlife Dramas in PyjamasFinally managed to talk husband into buying new jeans. He’s only had the last lot for 10 years…so actually I’ve done quite well getting him to agree to a wardrobe update so soon! He declared he needed a couple of pairs in total. I declared he needed a few pairs for ‘every day’ and a few pairs for ‘going out’. Eyes were rolled… Keep on reading!

Glam V Grungy!

Glam V Grungy! Funny blog post from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasI often go to the supermarket looking like I’ve been sleeping under a railway bridge for a week: hair scraped up, no make-up, tracksuit bottoms, scruffy trainers, pyjama top (I kid you not) and shapeless cardigan (buttoned up to hide the pyjama top!) Keep on reading!

50 Shades of Weyhey!!

A girls' night out to see 50 Shades of Grey by Midlife Dramas in PyjamasDisclaimer: We didn’t go to see the film for the sake of the film – we KNOW it’s not a great piece of cinematic loveliness with a thought-provoking plot, deep and meaningful messages and Oscar worthy performances. We went for the whole experience: the food, the drinks, the laughs and a great girls’ night out. Nobody judge us… Keep on reading!

Open Wide…

A funny post about a trip to the dentist from Midlife Dramas in PyjamasToday I was at the dentist for a filling. My dentist is young, gorgeous and always up for a bit of a chat; so returning for a filling isn’t as bad as it would be if he was ancient and brusque with bad breath and smelly armpits. Keep on reading!